About Oud Majestic

OUD MAJESTIC (a subsidiary of Ruby & Pink) is a fragrance company which offers luxury perfumes and Space Scenting Solutions. Our aim is to bring the magic of the luxury Oudh scent in as many forms as possible to our esteemed clients.


  • Perfumes (Arabian Oudh – based Fragrances)
  • Space Scenting Solutions
  • Personalized Perfume Gifts & Fragrance Hampers
  • Private Label Scents


Creating an unforgettable signature scent for your space helps to connect your brand with your clients on a deep emotional level. Your signature scent becomes a recognizable and memorable piece of your brand identity.


  • Smell is the most powerful of all senses.
  • Diffusing the right AROMA creates the perfect ambience for clients and employees. This leaves a lasting impression on your clients, and sets your business apart from your competitors.
  • Studies have shown that Scent can heighten value perception, increase brand recognition and loyalty; which can lead to increased sales.


Neuro marketing science describes Brand Scenting as a “Weapon of Influence” because of its ability to influence your clients in a powerful way that enables them to form a unique “emotional” bond with your brand; significantly transforming how your customers feel about your brand.


  • Brand Loyalty: Scent stimulates the emotional cortex of the brain which significantly influences how a customer feels about your brand. Studies show that positive emotions about a brand is by far more influential on brand loyalty than other brand attributes.
  • Brand Recognition: The sense of smell is far more powerful than that of sight, sound and touch as a study in Rockefeller University has shown. The scent of a memorable fragrance ensures that your customers subconsciously form a life-long link with your brand.